The Wellbeing Project is a co-creation of six globally oriented social change institutions: Ashoka, Georgetown University, Impact Hub, Porticus, The Skoll Foundation, and Synergos.  The project sits between, and is governed by, and in great measure implemented by the co-creators.


From the outset, the Co-Creators and other participants recognized that the Project would evolve in unpredictable ways.  We are engaged in an ongoing learning journey drawing on the strategic and practical insights of Co-Creators, the Advisory Council, the team, partners, stakeholder communities and others connected with the Project.

In this spirit, we created a living Governing Document: it is designed to be a dynamic container for the Project and a current map for everyone in the Project of its purpose, mission, governance, key processes, programs, and personnel as the Project continues to evolve.  

The Governing Document is updated quarterly, after input from all Co-creators and our stakeholder communities, and requires unanimous approval of the Co-Creators.  Like the Project itself, the Document is a work in progress and has gone beyond 20 versions.  The next quarterly version for 2022 will be published on this page in due course.