Donna Kerridge

    New Zealand

    There is immense wisdom in Papatūānuku (Mother Earth). By listening to, learning the language and being in tune with our Earth, we can receive much insight on how to live balanced thriving lives now and for generations to come. Elder Donna Kerridge (Ngāti Tahinga, Ngāti Mahuta) is a Rongoā Māori (traditional Māori healing) practitioner from Waikato, Aotearoa New Zealand who is deeply connected to our Earth and her wisdom.

    She is a humble advocate, healer and leader, passionate about Indigenous practices that focus on healing and restoring our people and our Whenua (land). Donna is able to walk with ease in corporate and policy circles, bridging Western approaches with Indigenous Māori approaches to enable us to bring the best of our collective gifts forward. She advises the New Zealand Ministry of Health to shape policy, lectures and educates people of all ages in Rongoā, has studied Western health science and a range of Indigenous healing practices and is a sought after leader.

    Deeply anchored in matauranga Māori and in her intuition, Elder Donna is a powerful facilitator, helping groups discover their own wisdom, their indigeneity and learn from each other in service of our Earth and future generations.