‘The Wellbeing Project’ celebra su I Cumbre de Bienestar para el Cambio Social del 1 al 3 de junio de 2022. Este evento internacional reunirá a líderes del tercer sector, agentes institucionales, artistas y empresarios y estará dedicado a subrayar el vínculo de su trabajo con el bienestar social e individual.

The Wellbeing Project presents its inaugural Wellbeing Summit for Social Change from 1 to 3 June 2022. The three-day summit will consist of ground-breaking talks, conversations, and panel discussions highlighting the connections between individual, organisational and societal wellbeing. BBVA supports the inaugural wellbeing summit for social change in Bilbao-Biscay.

During The Wellbeing Summit, visitors will encounter different artistic experiences through a selection of exhibits, artworks, and a vibrant performing arts program. Involving more than 85 artists at 10 venues, the event offers participants and residents of Bilbao the opportunity to take an interactive journey exploring what social change becomes with inner wellbeing at its heart. 

The Wellbeing Project announced its first-ever Wellbeing Summit for Social Change, a global event bringing together social change, governmental, arts and business leaders working at the intersection of individual and collective wellbeing, in Bilbao-Biscay, Spain from June 1-3, 2022. The summit represents a critical moment in driving systemic cultural change for the improved mental health and wellbeing of all changemakers. 


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