Meet 5 B Corps That Put Workers’ and the Planet’s Wellbeing First

In shaping a world of wellbeing, non-profits aren’t the only organisations that can drive social change. Businesses can also be important changemakers. The products and services they offer, as well as how they operate, can be incredible forces for good. B Corporations, or B Corps, are businesses that meet and exceed sustainability standards set by B Lab’s rigorous, constantly evolving measurement of a company’s entire social and environmental impact.

At The Wellbeing Summit Brussels, hosted by TheMerode, we explored how institutions – from businesses to policymakers to international organisations – can drive systemic change to enable human and planetary wellbeing. Transformation at the highest levels of leadership can have huge ripple effects in local communities and individuals’ lives. We learned about these five B Corps whose governance and activities put the wellbeing of their workers and the planet first, earning them recognition under B Lab’s “Best for the World” award:


BioCarbon Partners


BioCarbon Partners is an award-winning organisation developing carbon-offset projects to preserve Africa’s wildlife legacy, mobilize the green economy in Africa, and strengthen community resilience across the continent. Starting in the luscious landscapes of Zambia,  its approach under the REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) model supports the wellbeing of both local communities and environments: to date, it has invested more than 12 million USD in community development projects which protect 1.2 million hectares of forests, offset 14 million tonnes of carbon emissions, and strengthen the livelihoods of 230,000 people. 

Led by a 200-person strong team in Zambia, BioCarbon Partners was ranked amongst the top 5 percent of B Corps globally in 2021 and 2022, and has been awarded “Best for Workers” out of over 4,000 registered B Corps worldwide.


Caravela Coffee


Celebrating the rich culture and traditions of Latin American coffee production, Caravela Coffee is a leading roaster and exporter of sustainable coffee across Latin America. Cultivating care across the value chain, it invests significantly in supply chain transparency (currently enjoying full traceability from crop to product) and the wellbeing of growers’ communities and the environment. Its Grower Education Program (PECA in Spanish) trains more than 2,000 coffee producers annually on best practices for sustainable production, helping them to improve their environmental and economic resilience. Its certification as a B Corp reflects a desire to create a market where “everybody wins – from the coffee pickers to coffee drinkers, including our communities and the planet.”


Namaste Solar


Namaste Solar is an employee-owned cooperative bringing solar power systems to local communities in Colorado, USA, installing 12,000 solar projects and over 180 megawatts (MW) of solar energy in 18 years of business. With a name chosen to recognise the interdependence of all things – namaste being a Sanskrit word of interconnected greeting – its approach to providing clean energy seeks to respect the relationship between human and planetary wellbeing. In its B Corp assessment, it received extra credit for (among other qualities) being an employee-owned cooperative – meaning its employees are its direct shareholders and decision-makers. It’s also one of the 500 B Corps committed to becoming net-zero by 2030, two decades ahead of the Paris Agreement’s goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. And, Namaste Solar’s welldoing isn’t limited to clean energy: it also works to build better relationships with the surrounding Sun Valley community through the arts.


Seetec Business Technology CenteR

United Kingdom and Ireland

Seetec is one of the largest employee-owned professional solutions service providers in the UK and Ireland recognised for its contribution to transformative social change. In achieving B Corp certification, Seetec has been recognised for its cooperative structure and commitment to supporting underserved members of its community. With apprenticeships, vocational training, skills-based learning, and other services, its approach listens and responds to community needs. Programmes like Interventions Alliance respond to challenges in the criminal justice system while Seetec Pluss enables, empowers, and inspires people to find work. It also conducts people-focused research; such as reports on staff wellbeing and emotional labour, to build evidence and raise awareness of important needs in the community.


Triodos Bank 

The Netherlands

Triodos Bank is a leading expert in sustainable banking and the first pan-European bank  to receive B Corp certification. It provides European consumers, organisations, and businesses with the opportunity to use their money in ways that benefit people and the environment, investing in projects like the green energy transition. Differing from traditional profitability models, it looks at investment decisions from three angles: contribution to positive social, environmental and cultural change; viability; and local community interest and investment. The result is a radically different understanding of what is valuable – encouraging the growth of new kinds of people-centred, sustainable economies. In 2022, for example, the bank co-financed more than 600 projects which generated enough electricity to power 7.4 million households and avoid 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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