Leaders and staff of social change organisations work under intense pressure in chronically under-resourced environments. In seeking to address the needs and traumas of others, leaders and staff typically overlook their own inner wellbeing. The result: high incidences of burn-out, serious mental health issues and personal relationship breakdowns, which have a severe impact on organisations and the whole social change sector.

New research increasingly shows that prioritising individual wellbeing has a positive ripple effect across organisations, improving innovation, collaboration and social impact capacity—that is, wellbeing inspires welldoing.

This article series, presented by The Wellbeing Project in partnership with

The series explores the integral yet often overlooked link between individual wellbeing and transformational social change. Contributors include researchers, funders, practitioners and innovators from around the world who share their personal journeys, strategies and practical advice relating to inner wellbeing.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

The first in a series exploring the relationship between inner wellbeing for social change.
It’s Time for a New Myth of the Social Entrepreneur

It’s Time for a New Myth of the Social Entrepreneur

It’s Time for a New Myth of the Social Entrepreneur.


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