Alice de Lassus

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at The Wellbeing Project


Alice has worked in the field of Marketing, Communications and Storytelling for about ten years, in London, Paris, and globally. She has been fortunate to work within specialist advertising, digital and content marketing agencies, and most recently for the largest charity brand in the UK, Cancer Research. 

With a background in Musical Theatre and the Arts, Alice’s passion lies in using the power of storytelling to create authentic, human connection, and to shift narratives. She is currently focusing her experience on supporting mission-driven organisations that create social and environmental impact to connect with people on an emotional level, so that their audiences can better understand the problem and be moved to act.

For Alice, visiting galleries and theatres- or singing, painting and working on other artistic projects herself- all contribute to her wellbeing. She takes an active interest in the stories of others and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. She is a soon-to-be mother and loves living in Paris, France with her husband.

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