Alana Cookman

Organisational Wellbeing Lead at The Wellbeing Project


Alana has worked in the social impact space for around 15 years, in the UK and globally. A large focus during this time has been on improving access to opportunities and employment with diverse communities, and, supporting different perspectives and narratives within these systems to improve the work experience at large.

At The Wellbeing Project, she loves to support mission driven organizations to become more human-centred, and, contributing to a wider cultural shift so people working in social impact can do so in healthier, more sustainable ways.   A learning and study addict, alongside The Wellbeing Project, Alana is pursuing a PhD in Organisational Health and Wellbeing, focusing on our relationships to work through a narrative inquiry and systems thinking lens.  Alana loves living in different countries with her family, experimenting with how work and life fit together across varying contexts and cultures.  Despite always living in big cities, she dreams of living in the countryside, spending more time  in nature, writing,  and having fun with family and friends.

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