The Wellbeing Project team draws from different backgrounds, institutions and countries.  We are a team of passionate people who deeply believe in the project and who put our hearts into it.  This is one view of the structure.  Another view is that The Wellbeing Project is also organized as a number of different thematic oriented teams.

We want to especially acknowledge former team members of The Wellbeing Project who have all contributed so much, and who remain members of our community. We also want to thank the hundreds of different people that in many small and big ways have contributed to The Wellbeing Project: that generosity of spirit and time has woven something magical.

The Project Team

Implementation of the Inner Development Program, Ecosystem Network, and Storytelling, operations, overall project management and integration, fundraising, planning, budget and resourcing

  • Aaron Pereira
    Aaron Pereira Project Lead
  • Bart Weetjens
    Bart Weetjens Awareness & Emerging Projects Lead
  • Carmen Alvarez
    MARCO SANTINI Analysis Co-Lead
  • Marie-Laure Moens
    Marie-Laure Moens Project Coordinator
  • Nancy Mortifee
    Nancy Mortifee Dean Inner Development Program
  • Nicole Dale
    Nicole Dale IDP Manager
  • Sandrine Woitrin
    Sandrine Woitrin Culture & Strategy Lead
    TAMARA TISCHLER Operations Manager
  • Xander Ferreira
    Xander Ferreira Storytelling Lead
  • Xymena Salado
    Xymena Salado Knowledge & Ecosystem Manager

Co-creation Team

Strategic development, Implementation of Research & Evaluation and Learning Partners

  • Cheryl Fraenzl
    Cheryl Fraenzl Esalen Institute
    KURIAN THOMAS The Fetzer Institute
  • Len Leroux
    Len Leroux Synergos
  • Peter Mortifee
    Peter Mortifee Co-creation team advisor
  • Renald Morris
    Renald Morris Synergos
  • Sarah Borgman
    Sarah Borgman SKOLL FOUNDATION
  • Supriya Sankaran
    Supriya Sankaran Ashoka

Facilitator Team

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams
  • Christine Price
    Christine Price
  • Judith Hemming
    Judith Hemming
  • Patrice Hamilton
    Patrice Hamilton
  • Steve Waldrip
    Steve Waldrip
  • Steven Harper
    Steven Harper
  • Susan Harper
    Susan Harper
  • Zuza Engler
    Zuza Engler

Research & Evaluation

Cohort participation, research, evaluation

  • Amanda Bennett
    Amanda Bennett Researcher
  • Eskender Yousuf
    Eskender Yousuf Researcher
  • Gifty Amarteifio
    Gifty Amarteifio Researcher
  • Jeff Severns Guntzel
    Jeff Severns Guntzel Researcher
  • Martin Van Boekel
    Martin Van Boekel Researcher
  • Michael Quinn Patton
    Michael Quinn Patton Research consultant
  • Nora Murphy
    Nora Murphy Lead researcher

Extended Team

  • Alana Cookman
    Alana Cookman Research Fellow
  • Frank Hoffman
    Frank Hoffman Senior Rep / Project Ambassador
  • John Chou
    John Chou Copy Editor
  • Kabir Vajpeyi
    Kabir Vajpeyi Senior Rep / Project Ambassador
  • Karen Worcman
    Karen Worcman Story Collector
  • Kristin Hayden
    Kristin Hayden Senior Rep / Project Ambassador
  • Mireya Vargas
    Mireya Vargas Center's Initiative Fellow
  • Salomon Raydan
    Salomon Raydan Senior Rep / Project Ambassador
  • Tissione Parmar
    Tissione Parmar Content and Social Media
  • Vanessa Reid
    Vanessa Reid Content Curator
  • Veronica Marquez
    Veronica Marquez Research and Storytelling Synthesizer

Expert Members

Specific expertise around storytelling, human resources, governance, culture

  • Bill Kelly
    Bill Kelly Governance
  • Julia Jansch
    Julia Jansch Storytelling Advisor
  • Michael Kass
    Michael Kass Storytelling
  • Nicolas Riom
    Nicolas Riom Human Resources
  • Victoria Watson
    Victoria Watson Awareness

Advisory Group

Advice, new strategic perspectives

As an international project, our initiative is housed with two major fiscal sponsors  
  • The Fondation Roi Baudouin in Europe and the US
  •  The Tides Canada Foundation in Canada 
We can give tax-receipts for donations, please contact us!

Donations in Europe outside of Belgium: please contact us.

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